Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2004 Ford F-150 truck 4.6 liter V8 4X4 XLT Supercab

I bought this truck from the Vancouver branch of repo.com in August 2007. When I bought the truck it had about 65,000 kilometers on the clock. It was mechanically sound when I bought it. It had a few cosmetic issues when I bought it. It had a pretty large dent on the passenger side door. For the most part this is only cosmetic. When I roll down the passenger side window, the window mechanism catches inside on the dent, which gives a bit of a clunk sound, but the window goes all the way down and back up again. I never bothered getting this fixed, as cosmetics things like that really don't bother me much. The rear fender was bent downwards by about 5 degrees. I had this bent back by Krangle Automotive in North Vancouver soon after I got the truck. The rear driver side window in the suicide doors has had problems since I got the truck. The mechanism seems to have detached from the glass inside the door, so when I wind the window down, the glass doesn't follow unless it's given a little push by hand, after which the glass just plops down without resistance. This isn't very good, because sooner or later the glass will probably break. I plan to open the door up soon and see what's going on.
The last problem with the truck when I bought it was a terrible smell of piss inside the cabin, and some of the upholstery was ripped.
I got JT Auto Detailing from Richmond to do a chemical clean of the interior, and it got rid of the smell for the most part. The interior is gray and a pretty light shade, so it stains easily.

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