Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Salesforce needs to copy Google's Spreadsheets for their Views.

Salesforce's views functionality is painfully outdated by todays standards, and is frankly embarrassing if you compare it along side the likes of what Google Docs or Office 365 can offer.

Some examples

  • You can't sub-sort on a column
  • You have a filter bar, but it only works one level, and you can sort after you filter
  • Re-sizing of columns is possible, but not sticky, you need to re-size them every time!
  • Sorting forces a refresh of the data, it could be done client side
  • You can only view 200 records at once.
  • You can display only 15 columns on one view

Lets compare this to the Google Docs spreadsheet offering.

  • Real filter tools, just like excel
  • Sub sorting works
  • Filtering combined with sorting works DING!
  • Sorting/filtering all happens on the client side, it's fast
  • Display up to 5000 records on one screen, and the UI is still fast
As most know, we can do a lot more in the browser today, with blindingly fast java script engines, rich libraries, hell, even local storage. Lets hope salesforce will do a refresh on one of the staple features of their product. Wizbang Jigsaw, Radian6, Chatter etc.. That's all great, but don't forget about these basics please!

Here are some posts on the idea exchange that already cover most of what I have pointed out. Please up vote these!

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Chris Peterson said...

Column resizing on list views is actually sticky per-user, but is discarded if you change what fields are available. Once your list views are reasonably stable it at least does that reasonably well.